Vilnius City Customer Service Centre 

+370 5 266 4455
Customer service / specialist on call.
You can contact this number both while in Lithuania and abroad. Calls are charged at the rate charged by your service provider.

8 800 10880

You can also send requests, documents, questions or complaints to INFO@VV.LT

Customer Service Departments

Vilnius Customer Service Centre 
Konstitucijos pr. 3, Vilnius 
I–IV 8.00–17.00  
V 8.00–15.45 

Spaudos g. 8-1,
Vilnius I–V 8.00–17.00 


Drinking Water Laboratory 
Maironio g. 12, Vilnius
I–IV Sample reception* 7.30–15.00, water quality advice 7.30–16.00 
V Sample reception* 7.30–12.00, water quality advice 7.30–16.00 
* samples for microbiological testing are not accepted on Fridays and on the eve of public holidays

Wastewater Laboratory   
Titnago g. 74, Vilnius          
I–IV Sample reception 7.30–14.00