The services provided during the reporting period are settled on the basis of the payment notification issued.

Customers are requested to pay only the amount indicated in the payment notification received for the services provided in the previous month and to declare the current month’s drinking (cold) water meter readings. This means that customers do not need to do any calculations themselves.

It is very simple, as paying for any other service: you receive an invoice (in this case, a payment notification) and pay it, and to ensure accurate accounting, we ask you to declare at the end of the month the actual meter readings for that month. Declare only whole numbers (without decimal points) where you pay. Based on these readings, we will issue a new payment notification by the 10th of the following month.

If you receive payment notifications by post but also use email, please provide us with your email address at or by calling  19118 for faster and more convenient receipt of payment notifications. This will help us save the environment. If you have not received a payment notification, please call 19118. 19118.

We recommend that you pay the amount in the payment notification received and declare the actual meter readings for the current month in the last week of the month.

You can pay for the services and declare your readings at one of the selected locations:

Payment by cash or by card

On the self-service website of VILNIAUS VANDENYS

At the offices of Lithuanian Post and “PayPost”

IGNITIS or VIENA SĄSKAITA (ONE ACCOUNT) on self-service websites

At the kiosks of “Narvesen” and “Lietuvos spauda”

Via the “Perlas Go” mobile app, available for downloading from the APP STORE and GOOGLE PLAY

At “Perlas” terminals and “Maxima” cash desks

Via e-banking, by filling in the payment template of “Vilniaus vandenys” in the “Payments and fees” section, or by selecting an e-invoice with automatic payment service. For more information, please contact your bank.