“Vilniaus vandenys“ is the largest water management company in Lithuania, owned by Vilnius City Municipality, Vilnius, Švenčionys and Šalčininkai District Municipalities. The main governing bodies of the Company are the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Company’s Board elected by the General Meeting of Shareholders for a period of four years, the Audit and Risk Committee, which is formed and operates in the Company as an advisory body to the Board, and the Chief Executive Officer appointed by the Company’s Board.

The Company holds a Drinking Water Supply and Wastewater Management Licence granted by the National Energy Regulatory Council (NERC) and, due to the specific nature of its activities and the provision of strategically important public services, is classified as a Category 1 national security company and is an undertaking of general interest.

“Vilniaus vandenys“ supplies drinking water and manages wastewater to almost 278 000 customers. The main performance indicators are the volumes of potable water sold and waste water collected and treated, and therefore the main (sales) income of “Vilniaus vandenys“ is also generated by the provision of potable water supply and waste water management services.

“Vilniaus vandenys“ is an advanced, efficiently managed leader in the water management sector, providing quality and reliable services. The company is the first in the region to implement a unified smart water supply network, to use a hydraulic modelling system in its operations, and to rapidly develop renewable energy projects.

The company has implemented an integrated quality and environmental management system compliant with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. This demonstrates that the environmental impact of the company’s activities is identified and managed, and that its activities comply with legal and other environmental requirements. The quality and environmental management system is integrated into all business processes, which are defined on a unit-by-unit basis, to ensure their effective operation, monitoring and management. Key business processes are standardized, executed and monitored according to customer needs.

“Vilniaus vandenys operates 33 waterworks, 6 sewage treatment plants, about 1,811 km of water supply and about 1,530 km of sewage networks. The company’s equity capital accounts for 66% of its assets.

The company focuses on creating an organizational culture, investing in training, offering internal career opportunities and a basket of benefits. According to the Company’s 2022 employee engagement survey, the Company’s employee engagement rate is 66% and empowerment is 75%.


Main purpose of „Vilniaus vandenys“ is to provide water for a fulfilling life, protect life and nature.

Our mission is to provide customers with high quality water and efficient wastewater treatment. High quality water is the result of the company’s efforts to ensure that all its customers receive drinking water of the highest standards throughout the supply chain. The environmental impact of the company’s activities is continuously monitored and the company continuously improves its operations to not only meet environmental requirements but also to reduce environmental pollution.

Our vision is to be a sustainable, environmentally friendly and community-responsible provider of water management services. The vision emphasises the company’s ambition to create the greatest possible benefits for its customers and society as a whole by systematically reducing the negative environmental impacts of its activities beyond the regulatory environmental requirements.

Our values: responsibility, professionalism, cooperation.

Company‘s strategic directions:

  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly activities
  • Effective management of customer experience
  • Innovation, efficiency and growth in financial sustainability
  • Caring organisation and engaged employess