About the Company

“Vilniaus vandenys” is the largest water management company in Lithuania, supplying drinking water and wastewater to more than 270,000 customers. The Company holds a Drinking Water Supply and Wastewater Management Licence granted by the National Energy Regulatory Council (NERC) and operates in the territory of Vilnius city municipality, as well as in the municipal territories of Vilnius, Švenčionys, and Šalčininkai districts.

“Vilniaus vandenys” only provides groundwater from deep boreholes 40-245 metres deep. The Company supplies about 89,000 cubic metres of water and treats more than 107,000 cubic metres of wastewater per day.

Mission, Vision, Values and Strategic Directions

The company “Vilniaus vandenys,” in pursuit of its key objectives – to ensure the supply of drinking water and wastewater management services, high quality of drinking water and wastewater treatment in compliance with the highest environmental requirements – aims to be a progressive, efficiently managed leader, providing quality and reliable services.

The Mission of the Company: Clean water and a clean environment.

The Vision of the Company: A leader in sustainable and innovative water management services in the Baltic states, committed to nature and community.

The Values of the Company:


We take responsibility for our words, actions and results.

We care about the nature, communities, partners, customers and colleagues.

We are each responsible for our own safety and health and that of our colleagues.


We strive to improve and innovate, understanding the importance of professional knowledge, practical experience and learning.

We want every employee to be recognised and to be able to grow as a professional in their field​​​​​​.

A professional employee is one who works safely and protects themselves and their colleagues.


Together we strive for common goals, are open to suggestions and constructive criticism, and are kind and ready to help.

Sharing our experience and knowledge.

Together, we create the working environment that is safe and good to work in.

Strategic Directions:

Effective customer experience management. This is one of the most important strategic directions, for the implementation of which the Company draws on the experience and professionalism of its employees, the expertise of its partners, the latest technologies and financial resources in order to provide its clients with the highest quality of services, attentive customer service, efficient management and a positive client experience.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly activities. The strategic direction of the Company’s commitment to environmental sustainability is not only to comply with increasingly stringent environmental legislation, but also to go beyond environmental requirements, to conserve natural resources, to use renewable energy sources in its operations, to prioritise green energy production, to continuously seek and invest in the introduction of environmentally friendly technologies in the water management sector. As part of its commitment to environmentally friendly and sustainable activities in cities and neighbourhoods, the Company is upgrading and expanding its infrastructure for drinking water supply and wastewater management.

Sustainable development and innovation. Innovative solutions in water management are a crucial element that directly determines the quality of life and activity of a community. Through smart digitalisation, the Company consistently improves the quality of its services. And by implementing best practices and introducing advanced technologies, it keeps pace with the evolving society, sets an example for other companies, while optimising the allocation of the Company’s resources and reducing operating costs.

A caring organisation and committed staff. Employees are one of the most important components of the Company’s success. Respectful behaviour, attention to development, career opportunities, care and the Company’s daily efforts to ensure safe workplaces, reminding employees of the need to protect themselves, and the maintenance of a values-based organisational culture increase employee engagement and motivation, and foster a mutual orientation towards results and consistent value creation for both the Company and its employees.